Friday, August 22, 2008

Usain Bolt

Some are questioning if Usain Bolt is on drugs,
well to me the fact that Bolt won by so much and looks so different from the other competitors like with Phelps (with his long arms) makes me think they are both just "freaks of nature". I suspect if they are on anything it's the same thing all the pother competitors are on.

But the real evidence is that he was the best age-group athlete in the world while he was in high school. Breaking the world junior 200m mark when he was only 15. If he has been on drugs he has been on them for a long time.

But maybe I'm just likeSimon Barnes thinking romantically about it

It’s not merely that I don’t believe Bolt is a drugs cheat: even more, it’s that I don’t want to believe it. I want Bolt to be real. It’s more fun that way: more meaningful.

And I think much of the world is in the same position: the imagination utterly caught by the impossibly languid nature of the fastest man in the world, revelling in the sight, the memory, the story. A failed test would rob us of all that: and more. Trust in athletics might be terminally affected if Bolt failed a test. He has lifted us so high, it’s far too far to fall.

Why is this so different from the gymnast? Well I guess i care about sprinting - it is a nice clean sport with clear winners based on a simple ideal like speed. I am also sympathetic towards a small country like Jamaica and it's pride in winning a few medals.

But regardless truth is what matters so both should be fully investigated.


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