Monday, September 29, 2008

Congress takes a Jewish Holiday

Anyone else a little confused as to why Congress has taken a Jewish new year holiday (from what I hear not all that important a holiday) in the midst of the financial crisis and an attempt to pass a 700 billion dollar bill?

First - I think government should be secular - i.e. it should not hold special holidays for religion - if those people with those religions choose not to turn up - so be it, but don't make everyone else take the same holiday.
Second - Financial crisis anyone? How many billions of dollars does it cost the economy for the congress to delay their decision?
I suppose I am making the assumption that congress actually makes good decisions which could be flawed...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I am concerned and angry!

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Dru said...

it probably has something to do with getting the right people to show up for a vote, or just buying time to turn down the bill, or something like that. though your theory that congress makes poor decisions is probably not far from the mark, after all, if pros are the opposites of cons, isn't progress the opposite of congress?

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually it's a huge holiday - Rosh Hashana is one of the two big Jewish holidays. The second is Yom Kippur, which is in 10 days. It's like Easter and Christmas, all in a fortnight. But even more important - most Christians don't go to church on Christmas, but most Jews go to synagogue on Yom Kippur.

8:52 PM  
Blogger Genius said...

OK thanks for that anon.

But I understood by rates of observation it is
Yom Kippur, passover, Hanukkah then all the rest in that order. which places it 4th at best.

Regardless it still seems wrong to take it off.

10:41 PM  

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