Monday, December 08, 2008


this really pisses me off
apparently the leaders of the world are insisting that Mugabe stand aside, and they are releasing press releases to that effect. What annoys me is that this is probably the same thing they have been saying for the last few years in private if not in public, and after that not working they are now unleashing their ultimate weapon - a piece of paper with some insults on it.
At the bottom the EU adds the note "by the way we are too far away to do anything about it we hope that the south African nations will do something" (fat chance)

If you don't plan on doing anything substantive please just dont say anything - otherwise its jsut using zimbabwae to get extra votes domestically by conning the public into thinking you are "active" on the issue.


Blogger racarrera said...

Good to run into your blog again! Mugabe is indeed a monster, and Africa seems utterly hopeless as it insists on not ridding itself of these cretins. Zimbabwe was far better off as Rhodesia.

12:27 PM  

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