Wednesday, December 08, 2004

EU To Work At Lifting China Arms Ban

The EU has usual has determined that human rights abusing countries are rather under represented amongst high tech weapons carrying nations and are unfairly prevented from shooting their citizens in the most efficient way. The EU in its enlightened pragmatism is thus going to work hard to lift all such sanctions.

I wonder what all those people (chomsy's, fisks etc etc) who accuse the US of supplying human rights abusing nations have to say about this - most likely they won’t say anything because the EU is their darling. In reality the EU is pragmatic to the point of being willing to sell their souls - even worse on the same criteria than the USA is.

Afterall they did not care that france and russia supplied far more weapons to iraq than the US did and the US was the only one to stand up to iraq over the things that it did all they do is point out hte inconsistancy of having supplied any weapons at all to saddam (before it was proven he had done anything wrong - somthing they were supposed to have used their psycic powers to predict).

Fortunately however the EU will never get the chance to be the hegemon - they are just a skid mark on the underpants of history. 7% of the world economy by 2050.. And they will hardly be distinguishable from africa in 2100.


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