Monday, December 20, 2004

Pilger's supports suicide bombings

"Do you think the anti-war movement should be supporting Iraq's anti-occupation resistance?

Yes, I do. We cannot afford to be choosy. While we abhor and condemn the continuing loss of innocent life in Iraq, we have no choice now but to support the resistance, for if the resistance fails, the "Bush gang" will attack another country."

Pilger is so tired of the USA that he feels he is forced to side with anyone even those who would behead aid workers and even "john pilger"s because at least they are not americans .

Where along the line did pilger loose his mind? somwhere near where he droped his sense of morality?


Makes me think of phil collins again

"Here we are all gathered in what seems to be the centre of the storm
Neighbours once friendly now stand each side of the line that has been drawn
They’ve been fighting here for years, but now there’s killing on the streets
While small coffins are lined up sadly, now united in defeat"


A victory by terrorism is a clatons victory...
the victory you have when you are not really having a victory.
You go to war with a foreign country burn your own country to the ground and then declare victory when they leave (there being nothing left worth fighting over). Not only do you sacrifice your country but often your humanity too.


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