Saturday, December 11, 2004

Life Expectancy

People often talk about how japan has a high life expectancy and this is probably due to their healthy eating habits.. But what if it was not? what if it is because japanese just genetically tend to live longer? let us have a closer look

Asian americans - 81.5
US in general 77.2 (largely european)
i.e 4.3 yrs difference

I dont know about the USA but in NZ asians are slightly poorer than the general population so I'm unconvinced the "they are rich" argument holds water (although it would explain some of the further drop down to the black community).

AND from other sources

Japan 81.04
Australia (approx) 80

thus if we were to place them in order of life expectancy controlling for ethnicity

- Australia (by a land slide)
- Japan

Not that healthy food does not help a little but the healthy food argument is unessercary - if anything you should be trying to explain why japanese live such short lives despite their great wealth and genetic advantage. I assume researchers introduce the healthy lifestyle argument because people dont like to have to argue that europeans tend not to live as long as north east asians (on average) even though it is an obvious fact.


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