Friday, December 10, 2004

Speedway II

Finnaly an anti speedway person comes out of the wood work.
todays herald has an article by annie theod who argues that she lives some distance away from the speedway and was surprised by the noise when the wind blows in a certain direction which prevents her from having barbeques.
OK here are the key issues
1) from a "greater good point of view: how many people go to the speedway? how many people would have had a barbeque and were denied it by the speedway?
Does the interests of a few barbeques outweigh that of the people going to the speedway? I doubt it...
2) from a fairness point of view - this is rather like a person buying a car and then complaining that it does not have the acceleration they want. The residents bought the houses in the region presumably at a discount price because of their nearness to the speedway. If they wanted quietness they should have ensured what they bought was in a quiet area - they would probably have had to pay for it one way or the other though.
But there could be a solution - if htey really hate the noise maybe those who complain can get together a fund to build a big fence and set up some bushes or whatever to block hte noise. Since they are trying to increace the effective value of their houses above what it was when they bought it they might as well pay for it as opposed to making us (the wider community) or the speedway pay.


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