Friday, September 16, 2005

Now for a little light relief ROCKSTAR INXS

Ty talor was kicked off rock star INXS the other night.
Upon leaving he basicaly called the audience racist - at least towards black rock stars.

I think he was being a bit unfair.
First basically everyon including his fans accept that Ty was quite "broardway" and as I would say "popish". This means that it would be quite od to have him as a lead singer of INXS. He really should be leading Liberty-X or somthing. What this means is that even if they gave him the job he would do a worse job than some of the other singers AND he would probably want to leave the band and do a solo career, not exactly a good hiring choice.
ALSO his performance in the last couple of songs was weak (by his standards).

I think Ty was great but not a good lead singer for INXS - he should have won himself an american idol or somthing.


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