Friday, October 14, 2005

Are big companies good or bad for workers?

big companies often get a bad wrap as sould destroying monsters that force people out of empowering jobs into less empowering ones. but it isnt always the case.

1) Some people will just gain jobs as opposed to loose an empowering job in exchange for a less empowering one in part this is because I can walk into a "the warehouse" store and get a job right away I could be completely unexperienced and very slow and their systems should be able to teach me to be useful - a small business would probably not have the time or ability to train me although a government organization might.

2) others will loose one job in a small store and gain a job in a large store doing the same thing and find that the union and so forth make it more socailly rewarding. I have found the social opportunities in large firms to be quite rewarding when the company supports its social club. A small firm just can't offer that.

3) Others might find that the big company provides freedom of movement with job security they could not find in small companies.

4) large companies can potentially have more efficient systems - doing a job worse than you could be doing it is not particularly rewarding to some.

that doesn't mean large companies are good things they may still overall be bad (I am sure we can list a hundred problems) but I note they have some benefits.


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