Saturday, December 24, 2005


Tim blair again gives some telling sacrasm regarding the exageration of some environmentalists.

In response to

"California is in danger of large-scale flooding, according to speakers – including former Vice President Al Gore – at a global warming presentation on Dec. 6 given at Stanford University.

Speakers at “The Heat is On” presented the crowd, which included a handful of Paly students, with data and predictions for the future. For instance, scientists expect a rise in sea level of 20 feet which will leave hundreds of millions of people homeless across the world."

he notes

"Homeless? They’ll be lucky to escape the incremental water level increase (if any) with their lives, as Dave S. explains: “Presumably the poor people will drown in their living rooms and huts after years of sloshing through ever-rising water to get to them, rather than, say, move a couple miles inland where the new coast is. Because if there’s one thing humans can’t do, it’s adapt.”"

In addition I am also pretty dubious about the 20 feet figure.

"Models project that sea levels will rise another 9 to 88 cm by the year 2100." ( fact sheet)
I'm not sure either 9 or 88cm is equal to 20 feet but maybe some expert in "american" can confirm that.


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