Wednesday, January 11, 2006

god hating Believers?

Austin Cline asks

Where Are the Moral Believers?

We just don’t see millions of believers in the Jewish/Christian/Islamic god, for example, shunning him solely for his moral crimes. There are no large organizations campaigning against religion from the moral high ground rather than the perspective of disbelief. There are few, if any, anti-God books written by theologians who still believe in a god. Rebellion need not be tied to disbelief, so where are the righteous rebels who stand against gods who have done great evil? Where are the moral believers?

Why aren’t millions of believers saying, “Yes, I know there is a God because the universe is intelligently designed, and I believe that the [Bible, Koran, or Torah] describes him accurately. Based on the actions of this god, however, I cannot follow or worship him because I am a decent human being.”

The crimes attributed to the gods people believe in are unambiguous. Some react by denying that they really occurred. In many cases, at least, this is a legitimate response — some of the events described are implausible or at least have little historical evidence backing them up. At the same time, though, these same believers don’t take the extra step of saying something like “But if these stories were true, God would be an immoral monster whom I would never worship.” Why not?

It would seem in some old religions such as the roman religion many people would have looked on one god or even al gods and declared them to be unworthy of worship.
In the christian religion there may well be devil worshipers but without somthing else to focus your attention it seems pretty hard to look at god and hate him because hate seems to imply you think you can influence them and most peopel probably dispair quite quickly of doing that to god and then jsut move on to ignoring or disbelieving. In a sense a believer might argue disbelief is the ultimate possible revenge.


Blogger MavXP said...

I wonder if NZ will screen Channel 4 (UK)'s "Root of all evil?" series - two episodes flat out attacking religion as a source of evil. Presented by "Darwins rotweiler" Richard Dawkins.

Its not BBC class, but its a no holds barred attack on faith. He had some good points, but really chose some lame people to have rational debate with -mostly US-psycho-fundamentalists, US-McChurch-evangelicals, & islamic fundamentalists. But hey, it was a doco with a bent.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Genius said...

Yeah, its a bit unfair to debate with the stupidest people on the other side - it doesn't prove you are right it just proves they are stupid.

7:33 PM  

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