Sunday, February 12, 2006

Crazy muslims?

David farrar looks at the number of extreemists in islamiccountries

A Pew survey in May 2005 of almost 18,000 people found the following levels of support for violence against civilian targets:

Jordan 88%
Lebanon 58%
Pakistan 44%
Indonesia 33%
Turkey 20%
Morocco 18%


support for the man who masterminded the plan to fly planes into the Twin Towers, Osama bin Laden, is also very high:

Jordan 60% = 3 million
Pakistan 51% = 80 million
Indonesia 35% = 80 million
Morocco 26% = 8 million
Turkey 7% = 5 million
Lebanon 2% = 70,000

It would be interesting to see what a survey in the west - particularly USA, regarding some similar (changed to be relevant) topic would say.

The problem is that the question is a bit specific to a comunity that has the "in fighting the israeli /US" underdog sort of position. A person in the US might suport "turning the middle east into glass" or somthing of that sort. It is obviously silly to ask them if they suport osama (allthough some would).

Since it is a matter of oppinion what is fair...

Any sugestions on what such a relevant question would be?


Blogger Sean said...

If it was a choice between Osama and Bush, and they were being honest (for once), most Democrats would go for Osama...

8:37 PM  

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