Saturday, February 11, 2006

Denmark now officially the Great Satan

Big Pharaoh Looks at how denmark has stolen the USA's crown as "great satan"
great comments include
if the U.S. just wanted to be hated, why couldn't we have published cartoons, rather than send in troops? It would have been sooo much cheaper! (Solomon2)

Enjoy your time in the spotlight Denmark, I can assure you, we are probably only one step away from pissing off the world again. (t)

I'm really frustrated. I was praying Holland would for once be the Great Satan, but we are as usual being ignored. (Infidel)

I don't know, BP. We're used to being #1. It took the work of many generations to put the "great" in Great Satan. It doesn't seem fair the Danes should just saunter in and take all that away from us with a few measly cartoons.But I suppose this must sound petty. Perhaps the Danes are entitled to enjoy their day in the sun. (JohnL)

"Death to Denmark" rols off the toungue so much better than "death to the USA"....


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