Monday, February 13, 2006

Iranian holocaust carton

the Iranian holocaust carton competition is here
the newspaper is hamshahri
with entries by Michael Leunig
The first of the Melbourne-based Leunig's two cartoons on the website show a poor man with a Star of David on his back walking towards the Auschwitz death camp in 1945 with the words "Work Brings Freedom" over the entrance.

The second shows the same scene but depicting "Israel 2002" with the slogan "War Brings Peace" over the entrance and the same man walking towards it bearing a rifle.

"I have had some difficulty getting this work published in my own country, and I believe it would help highlight the hypocrisy of the West's attitude to free speech if you were to publish it," Leunig was quoted as saying.

Hmm has difficulty? really? Seems some media love it and some dont but that still leaves you with half the media as your playground.
the little jew walking into the concentration camp is quite cute - not like the nasty ones in the arab newspapers at least. Guess he wont win then.


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