Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lurching to the Left

acording to NoRightTurn the NZ blog scene has lost almost all its left wingers

so just to keep the market happy I'll swing left

Cheney is an Idiot

Go Kiwibank make lots of money for us tax payers! Shame on national for telling us we should have killed the golden goose in order to have a chicken sandwich and thumbs up to Jim Anderton.

It looks like Iraq is considering sanctions on the australian wheat board stupid capitalist wheat board deserves what it gets.

National seemingly unsure of what it stands for .

Microsoft is fightuing the EU Microsoft bad, EU good - but seriously - microsoft has been milking a monopoly for years just like telecom milks their monopoly in telecomunications so if the EU loosened their strangle hold a bit it would probably be for the better.

israeli soldiers shoot dead a man with a toy gun

Israel should only employ men with really good eyesight and have training to alow them to identify toy guns. they should also restrict the numbr of toy guns that come into the west ban so if they kill someone at least it is for a decent reason.

Ok ok Im running out of leftist stories here...


Blogger iiq374 said...

Come on Genius; even in the interests of trying to promote left policy you can not seriously promote the Kiwibank profit?

Anyone of sense must still be fuming that we've poured $160 mil into a "bank" that can only return $5 mil (after co-opting $38 mil of transfer payments) - when we have a perfectly good NZ Bank already returning $28 mil per annum...

3:09 PM  

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