Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bullying II

'Gentle giant' given conviction for getting tough with school bully

Apparently if someone assaults your child you have no recourse except to flee.

the judge noted

"You set an incredibly bad example to that bully,"

Wow! the bully might actually start poking people as opposed to hitting them in the face with a book. Maybe he will start using veiled threats as opposed to direct ones.

He had been remanded to yesterday so that the diversion scheme for first offenders could be considered, but the parents of the boy who was assaulted objected to the scheme being used.

Falcon, a loader with no previous convictions, acted under stress and when nothing seemed to be happening about his bullying complaint at Mairehau Primary School, the court heard.

Falcon, 34, had just dropped his daughter off when she told him about a further incident of bullying - she had been slapped in the face with a book - and pointed out the boy.

Falcon approached the boy, yelled at him, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and poked him with a finger, but caused no injury. He told him: "Stop bullying my daughter."

Judge McMeeken told Falcon there was never any justification to grab someone else's child and poke them.

and finally the specious comment

"On the other hand, it doesn't solve the problem of bullying."

why specious? well it isn’t as if she is proposing a solution (unlike the school it would seem). He may have been a bit hot headed - and at least he TRIED.
How many bullies has Judge McKeeken stopped?


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