Friday, May 12, 2006

US elections

The odds of Hilary being the next democrat candidate have shortened to ridiculously low levels

there is close to no chance that she wont be the next candidate except if she gets hit by a bus... and even then...

She also has a VERY large mount of money ready to fight the election - potentially the largest war chest ever raising the question - can the republicans beat her?

I think based on my limited knowledge that the republicans can beat Hillary
But only if they put forward a moderate republican - their own "David
Cameron" (who will give the labour party in the UK a hiding it will take
Decades to forget).

They have John McCain, Rudolph Giuliani, and if they could change their
laws Arnold Schwarzenegger (oh I'll love to see that campaign!). They need to, generally speaking, sort out who it will be reasonably early like the democrats clearly have. Even the two guys mentioned will have a fight on their hands.

Mitt Romney would also stand a chance (a small one).

Candidates that would get the republicans destroyed in the next elections
Include Sam Brownback, George Allen and Bill Frist.

And leaders that would leave you wondering if the democrats have an
opposition party afterwards include Condoleeza Rice and even worse Jeb Bush.

Unfortunately for the republicans I predict they will select George Allen and they will loose badly. they will then become demonized over the next few years and probably loose the following election too by a considerable margin.

OK I am looking far into the future here - but I haven't been wrong in predicting a major election yet.....


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