Thursday, April 20, 2006

Taking serious action

I applaude the efforts to support Falcon but I think the bigger thing here is how to change the law and school policy. Not so much in regard to making what he did legal (although I don’t see much illegal about it) but more to make it so that fathers DON'T HAVE TO break the law to protect their daughters (or sons).

The father grabbing the boy is not the best solution, the best solution is that the father can have confidence that the school or the police will take it seriously EVERY TIME and the parents and the child find that there are consequences to bullying (assault etc).

I suggest we target the minister of education for starters Steve Maharey Minister of Education

Freepost Parliament
PO Box 18 888, Wellington Phone: (04) 470 6552 Fax: (04) 495 8443
299 Ferguson St, Palmerston North Phone: (06) 356 5956 Fax: (06) 356 5959
PO Box 1430, Palmerston North Phone: (06) 356 5958 Fax: n/a
Bill English (education spokes person)
Phone: (04)4719057 (Wellington)
Phone: (03)2033000 (Electorate)
Associate Education - Pansy Wong
Associate Education - Hon Tau Henare
Associate Education - Colin King
Associate Education - Allan Peachey
Or a local MP


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