Friday, April 21, 2006

bullying "the defence"

russel brown argues that we should see the other side of the story as we should.

I guess this is the problem about getting all excited over a particular case – there is always the possibility that the stories are all wrong however I don’t find their defense all that convincing

1) "If he was constantly bullying other children, we would have been told about it."

- This is the issue WHY wasn't he told about it? We aren’t disputing that the school didn't do enough.

Besides this is flawed logic - most bullying goes unreported, and often parents are considered unlikely to be helpful - so it is very possible that he could be "the school bully" and the parent not know.

2) "Teague said his son and Falcon's daughter sat side by side in class and had been sniping at each other for some time."

I expect you would "snipe" with a bully. I hate to be stereotypical but I am finding it a little hard to believe the girl has been bullying the boy. 69 kg is frankly huge for an 11 yr old.

3) And what is with the
“His son became annoyed and pushed a book at the girl's arm.”
That doesn’t make any sense unless it is a euphemism.
Taking the charitable assumption regarding both accounts - if you’re an 11 yr old girl and a 69 kg guy shoves a book in your face you’ll know all about it.

4) > The school's principal, deputy principal and chairman of the board of trustees had met him and said there was nothing to the incident in the classroom.

The school should have to prove it did the work and give al the appropriate reassurances to the parents just like any sort of "justice system" has to do.
Bullying is rampant in our schools - how many students has this school expelled or had family conferences with?


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