Wednesday, June 07, 2006

angelina and brad Pitt

Apparently everyone's "favorite couple auctioned their baby pics for charity like so many celebrities seem to do. Great eh? Everyone loves Brad and Angelina and to think they won’t even make any money out of it... or will they?
My wife raised the point that we could be being suckered here. Somthing that was brought up in her home country and in relation to super generous Dick Cheney.
Brad and Angelina have sold these pictures for many millions of dollars (lets say 10 million for argument's sake), and they will almost certainly give this to charity - but are their tax benefits to this come tax time? I expect there probably is, Brad and Angelina could easily be making a tidy profit from it.

Anyway, I hope at least they donate the before costs amount… few things annoy me more than when someone asks me for a donation without mentioning half the money goes to them!


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