Friday, September 22, 2006

About the Coup.

Most Thai are not worried at all. Coups are normal things and the King is trusted to be able to keep everything in order. The general isn’t seen as a permanent fixture. If he said he was going to remain as leader things might change but politics in Thailand is pretty polarized. We quite like thaksin (he gets stuff done) and the country side people like him but the most of the city elite hate his guts.
As the opposition (lead by a total nothing of a leader who is more old money than actual ability) is demanding that they set up new elections they will have them - just they wont allow thaksin back in without him being charged. He would win an election if there was a new one because there are more common people than "elite".
If there is an election the opposition needs to have time to prepare because otherwise the Thai will just get thatopposition leader of dubious quality - in an election with no substantial opposition.

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