Friday, September 08, 2006

Iraq/ Afganistain

The US continues to try to rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq and continues to get the blame for not rebuilding it.

There is a clear solution here. Go home.
"What? Give in to terrorism?" I hear you say.
This is all a misconception of how this battle works.

1) The idealistic goals of the west
a) Afghanistan and Iraq are NOT the most efficient places to be spending humanitarian money.
b) It isn't THAT important to create a 'beacon of democracy' in the Middle East and even if it was there would be countries where efforts to do this would be better spent.

2) Stopping terrorists
- The terrorists don't have some stupid plan to destroy Afghanistan. Their plan is to deny the west the ability to reach its aims - the way to prevent this is not to take them on head on but to have aims they can't deny. Like the martial artist say - be like the water not like the rock.

The following strategies are possible
1) The Vietnam strategy - fight the enemy when they create a problem - makes sure many many more of their soldiers die than yours.
2) The gulf war I strategy - flatten the enemy whenever they cause a problem - declare victory and go home - ignore that state unless it causes a problem again.
3) the 'rent a bomber' strategy - set up a government like the afghani or Iraqi government as soon as it happens declare victory and go home - but provide bombing runs to blow up enemy strongholds - this means the enemy will find it very hard to get a very structured force.
4) The quagmire strategy - stay until "the job is done" without properly defining what that job is
5) the hugs and kisses strategy – not having any aim except vaguely defined peacekeeping

I suggest anything other than 4.
Maybe there are some others people might suggest?


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