Saturday, September 02, 2006

Missile story roundup

Back in July we had a missile strike
Apparently the Israelis had hit a Red Cross van with a missile
Apparently that was a planned attack - after all they blew a hole dead in the centre of the cross!
But more recently...
apparently thanks to new blogging information by zombietime that hole is the location for the air vent - which appears to be next to the van.
Even those who originally reported the story clearly changed their original stories which didn’t reflect reality

from Tony Parkinson media adviser to Australian foreign minister

"I have no quarrel with Chulov wishing to stand by his story. I simply make the point that it has become a different story to that he reported on July 26. "

But also it would seem that something probably did hit the van and rip off the vent
for example it might have been a 70 mm unguided rocket
of course then we wonder where that rocket is.

A lot of rust seems to have formed in two days but that could be explained by the humidity
"If you look up the weather data for Lebanon for the past few days, you’ll see it’s been hot with 70 - 80% humidity." Although I’m not sure I entirely believe that since Lebanon doesn’t sseem to usually have humidity that high. And it does appear to have more rust than a nail left for 4 days in 100% humidity (i.e. a test tube of water or coke).


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