Monday, November 06, 2006

Future predictions

This guy did a prediction of what 2000 would be like from 1950

I think this guys did qiute a good job of predicting what we COULD do. But he underestimated how easy it would be to change. And he emphasises the standardization/ social pressures to be the same - maybe that is pre 1960's psychology...

He seems to sugest pretty big redesigns of cities and destruction of old houses replaced by new ones and massive lights that might well drive people nearby insane. The implication being that those wanting changes would steamroll them through.

and he thought women would be happy with this - "When Jane Dobson cleans house she simply turns the hose on everything. " i is very unlikely that would be the best way to clean anything.

and this!!!

"Following suggestions made by Zworykin and Von Neumann storms are more or less under control. It is easy enough to spot a budding hurricane in the doldrums off the coast of Africa. Before it has a chance to gather much strength and speed as it travels westward toward Florida, oil is spread over the sea and ignited. There is an updraft. Air from the surrounding region, which includes the developing hurricane, rushes in to fill the void. The rising air condenses so that some of the water in the whirling mass falls as rain."

Didn't he stop to think what that would do to fishing??

Otherwise it was quite good I think.


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