Sunday, July 22, 2007

Evolution of religion

presumably at first there was no religion. then some dude proclaimed himself to be a wizard (a superman) and then someone moved to calling themselves a god. This helped them to get women but it also helped their tribe to fight harder and longer and with more confidence and co-ordination.

that didn’t last long (since they died) but others used the better strategy of referring to a "tree god" or "snake god" or "lion god" however they can die - so they got trumped when people started talking about "sun gods" (stronger gods!).
then you create a Hindu type system as tribes come together each not wanting to deny the others religion entirely. that however then slowly reverts back into a single god system when it develops a complex holy book that lays out everything Or into a Buddhism type of religion if the last god gets caught too.

Within that those religions which offer mystical episodes like Baptists and meditation Buddhists replace the more nominal versions when there is enough learned peopel to teach how to enter those states.

At the same time the religions tend to need to retreat from their more ambitious claims as science advances. so the first "gods" claim to have the power to do anything themselves. later versions talk about gods that move in mysterious ways without any specific claims about the future or past or the specific effect of anything.


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