Tuesday, August 21, 2007

space as a result of matter

I was thinking about my theorythat matter creates space.
Imagine every matter particle creating waves of space around it and absorbing waves crom other praticles. what that can do is create shortening of space between any two matter particles and lengthening of space in general resulting in an apparent gravitational effect as well as a sort of 'inflation' effect (cf inflation after the Big bang). Sound reasonable?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the elusive search for a theory integrating gravity with the other forces, maybe gravity is not a force at all. If space is actually an artifact of and created by a particle with mass then gravity may simply be the shaping of the spaces created by all the particle masses interacting via the higgs field. If particles receive the property of mass through interaction with the Higgs field, then the field "connects everything" and space/time is simply created and shaped giving the illusion of gravity being a force like the weak nuclear, strong nuclear and electromagnetic but its just an illusion.

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