Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Zealander

NRT informs me that I am a one of the "dead white males with a stick up their arse"

and apparently older, whiter, more monolingual, likely to be male and living in rural areas or the South Island (2 out of 5!).

hmm and "And so, apparently, do StatisticsNZ. According to [NRT's] sources within the department, the result of their analysis is a recommendation that the "New Zealanders" be included with "NZ Europeans" in data analysis."

oh well I guess I'll be a Maori in the next census - I might even give in to the pesky requests for me to join the Maori electoral role...

Part of my protest against the rather vague question which should either be "genetically what race are you mostly" (for the purpose of guessing blood types etc) or the lame "if a bunch of cultural groups started in your area and were offering free beer to join - which would you go to?"

besides it will make NZders and my fellow maori feel better about themselves if I push up the maori education statistics - maybe that is the whole plan.... Look how good we are improving maoris lot - I can imagine in political circles people saying

"look we made another ten thousand of them appeared and they were all more educated than the average!! pats on the back all around!"


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