Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mr Xue

Nai Xin Xue was also apparently married to Nancy Chen. Nancy Chen never met An An Liu. But like An An, she emigrated from China, and in Auckland met, Nai Xin. "He was deeply suspicious" At times he would punish her by locking her out of the house for hours.
while she plead to get back in. One night he was beaten and strangled by her husband.

She went to the police and then went to Shakti Asian Women's Refuge spending three months there. She has not seen her husband since.


He also traveled to the US to show off his skills at tai chi - apparently the community over in the US saw him as being a show off and some of them investigated his credentials and discovered that he is not a master. One contacted china and was told hewas not while another pushed him to test his skills a test he apparently failed.

He wrote a book which details his trip and this, together with his bragging, provides a lot of clues regarding where he might try to hide. Police are already aware of an ex lover in the US who might try to hide him and the fact that they don't sem to have contacted her yet implies that she doesn't want to be found for some reason.


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