Sunday, September 09, 2007

Timre travel hypothesis

I was visualizing time travel.
I see it as being a set of paths from the beginning of time to the future like a near infinite bunch of straws in your hand. Each person who goes back in time causes their thread of existance to skip from one straw to another straw. So two peopel from the same time could go back in time and make changes to kill eachother and both suceed (in a sense).

Now what if there are mroe time travelers than possible worlds? (ie several time travelers per world) well then we cna either use nfinity mathmatics to say "it doesn't matter" (although I don't think that is valid in this context) or we could say you will start to go back in time and met other time travelers but time travelers from slightly different universes. You would then get all these infinite universes isolating until they reached a stable equilibrium. (ie for a one world example imagineif you went back in time and kill your dad then you would not be born so it would be another time traveler who got to be the time traveling pilot and he might kill his dad but then you exist again etc until one if them failed - possibly you).

The next interesting thing is how would these people react to time travel? Well since time travel to your past in essence could cripple your dominant civilization (and we assume you are dominant if you have time travel) then you would probably want to prevent it even for fairly benign behaviour - but how to prevent it without doing it yourself? My proposal is that one civilization would do a massive amount of time travel effectively neutralizing threats and making other time lines like their own history - in order to makeother civilizations that would want to make their own history like it is. Moulding the multiverse in their image.

So whatever time line your in you should see one species develop time travel try to use it without direct knowledge of its effects (which is ok because thatis natural) and then at some point realise the loop they are in and start sending out a huge number of time travelers to make the world liketheir own. because of the way these loops work you would pretty much only find universes justlike your own becuase the odds of being at the end of the loop are much higher than being ion the loops at the beginning because there is only a finite number of inconsistent loops.


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