Sunday, September 23, 2007


Staff at Southern Cross railway station in Australia's second largest city found the girl crying and alone on Saturday. Security footage showed Mr Xue leaving his daughter. They named her Pumpkin after the brand of clothing she was wearing at the time. She was placed in care of a foster family in the Australian state of Victoria.

Xue Nai Xin 54 also known as Michael was active in the Auckland Chinese community, a magazine publisher and martial arts 'expert' (disputed by the tai chi community). He met annie an international student approximately 5 years ago. They had a child called Qian Xun. They separated last month with Annie moving to Wellington where she chaimed on her blog to have had an affair with Cao a chinese artist* who is married and claims to have never lived in Wellington. However they recently got back together.

The drama started when Xue Nai Xin collected his passport and a confiscated sword from Henderson Police around 9.35am prior to flying to Australia. he then abandoned his daughter at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Railway Station and boarded a flight to LA. New Zealand police were alerted and the investigation lead to the discovery of the body of an Asian Female has been found in a car boot outside the Xue home in Mt Roskill which was identified as annie's. The cause of death was determined as a violent act without the use of a weapon. The current assumption in the media appears to be that it was some sort of strangulation*** or similar as the result of a domestic violence episode. Police had been in contact with the family over incidents of domestic violence in the last year.****

the police indicate that it is quite posible that Qian Xun saw the act*****. And she reports that her father lied to her that her mother was in bed sick.

This case has gathered world wide attention. with media from not only australia los angeles and melbourne but also china korea and the UK being interested. As a result the hunt for Xue in the USA is heating up with reports of him taking a shuttle to china town and staying in a hotel there although he appears to have fled to a larger chinese community. It will be hard for him to hide with so much publicity.

meanwhile the NZ government has "moved heaven and earth" to get her grandmother to NZ and her half sister (grace xue) has started a trust fund (with the help of people such as sir Roger Douglas) - although the grandmother would like to politely refuse donations since she feels she is financially independant being somthing pretty much equivilent to the vice president of a decent sized company in china.

Grace and her partner Shane are investigating the chances of adopting Qian Xun while the grandmother has declaired she will try to take her back to China. Discussion are occuring with the help of NZ child youth and family services. the grandmother is known to Qian Xun and had means to suport her while Grace and Shane are younger and located in NZ, they also have a almost one year old child already.

* looks like this was a bit of a fantasy - it appears An an often did not tell the truth on the internet.
**I know I should use her real name but since even some family don't I feel excused
*** apparently with a yellow scarf
**** detals are in later posts
***** almost certain she saw somthing


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