Sunday, September 23, 2007

Global warming

NZ has just released its quite pathetic new anto global warming legislation.
this is more formally, the framework for its new emissions trading scheme. The first sector on board from 1 January next year will be forestry (ie we get to pay out some money to people own pine trees). The transport fuels sector will be next in 2009 (bus tickets to cost more maybe). the electricity/energy and industrial sectors then agriculture, waste, and solvents in 2013.

In theory by 2040 the only sector which is not carbon neutral will be agriculture. The bad news then is that agriculture is about half our emissions. Over the first commitment period we seem to have the ambitious goal of considerably increasing our emissions (due to the fact that agriculture is excempt) in the long run we seem to have modest goals.

Overall the labour government has compromised to the politically sensitive groups of forestry and agriculture in order to make it so that national cant oppose the legislation (and ensure that the greens will) - a politically savy move as with their handling of the pumpkin case - the smart labour party is back! But environmentall it is a complete dud - and their excuses ring hollow. Agriculture CAN take action to reduce their output nd they can generaly afford it (they are flush with cash in the dairy sector at least).

It smells rather like the whole Kyoto process. it would seem our aims are to reduce pollution from NZ and the EU while China and india get a free ride because we cant stop them. Bottom line is that then we will get a massive net increase in polution.

Its would seem that global warming has become all about keepign the masses vaguely happy with the feeling that we are doing somthing on the political front while not actualy doing much and thus keeping them happy on the money front.
the government tells us this will cause about a 4cent rise in petrol prices - well think - how much will that change your driving behaviour? - not at all? ok well that is exactly how effective it will be.

All that it will do is make a few foresters a litle richer and a few poor countries a bit richer on a global scale. otherwise - well we need to grow bigger balls if we want to achieve anything.


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