Sunday, September 30, 2007

My verdict on National's latest policy releases

1) privatiztion of school property
Politically - it is a bit dangerous, it brings more emphasis on the fact that national is the party of privitization. National has been hiding its policy for a while. A good fraction of their policies are likely to be less popular than saying nothing and this is not a total disaster so I give it a C

Technically : I like the idea. it sems ridiculous to say that schools should also be involved in property management. I think it is not a bad idea for hte government to invest in property - but school property is likely to be one of the worst of those investments. better to make more money from another inestment and use that to pay for the school property. Of course one would need to carefully monitor performance.

2) removing the cap on doctor fees
Politically - political suicide - what on earth were they thinking? If they really wnated to do that they should have disguised it in a wider policy - like some big policy discussion on how to get more doctors or something.

Technically : doctors are statutory monopolies in a number of regards. And if we don't have enough docotrs a more effective answer might be to make us require less of them by freeing them up from a lot of perscription work, paperwork etc.


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