Friday, August 31, 2007

USA and Iran

I don't reall hate the curent administration but geezz they really do have to go next election

David brin is rather more passionate than I might be butthe US government seems to have screwed up so many things by both democrat and republican standards in the last couple of terms. The sad thing being that a good part of the US seemsto be 'pulling an ostrich'.
I'm not a bleeding heart liberal by any standards I'd jsut like to see a litle bit of fiscal conservatism, use of military for specific achievable goals, good standards in political debates playing the issue and not the man etc.


Blogger riki said...

But you hit the nail on the head,,

America has to play the man, they can't help themselves.

Bush is the huge American cliche,
sheriffs badge, six shooter, everything. He has crumbs of apple pie permantley stuck to the side of his mouth. All he needs are lens in his eyes of American flags and the effect would be full.

the only thing he can't say is

'ein reich, ein volk, ein fuhrer!'

4:35 PM  

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