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marvel vs capcom 2 - Servbot

marvel vs capcom 2 is an arcade fighting game - Servbot is the weakest charachter in it. he looks like a cute lego man which wil make your victory a crowd pleaser one hopes. So being as I am I want to show peopel how to win with him.


he has the following moves

Servbot Assist: Grab – QCB, 2P
good if it connects but very hard to connect

Helicopter Drop, type 1 – QCB, 1K
Cancel the launcher into this

Helicopter Drop, type 2 – QCB, 2K
use against flying characters and to keep Sentinel behaving himself

Spicy Foods - QCF, 1P (hold to charge)
don’t charge for long - you'll get killed first

Spicy Foods, Anti Air – QCF, 2P (hold to charge)
the anti air version - almost useless

Paper Airplane – (DC, hold 1K and perform) QCF, Start

Bull Mover – QCF, K
always cancel this into the super unless you are absolutely sure you will be safe afterwards or have connected

Servbot Rush !HYPER! QCF, PP
Lunch Rush (alpha)
good for combos
Servbot Variable Rush (gamma)
good for chipping damage the opponent

Super Servbot – QCF, KK !HYPER!
usually must be canceled into another super

and of course 'punches' and 'kicks'

2) So how to win?

well there are 3 other players I know if that use servbot and here is what they do as far as I understand it

A) Soo mighty
Super jump and charge meter and gamma super if they roll behind you. you wont really win with Servbot using this strategy. Which was Soo mighty's intention of course. You may buy yourself some time and build u some super however which could allow your other guys to win. Soo mighty used magneto and Psylock - I suggest using a character that will easily combo off an unblocked super that allows you to punish them better - like Cable for example.

Build up super meter with someone like Spiral and super with Servbot from a distance This makes your Servbot much stronger by handing him a full meter. The problem here is that they can super jump to avoid your super which isn't quite fast enough if they know what to do.

C) SirOrion
Use Servbot grab assist to set up combos the problem here is that grab assist is only a ground based move - and your likely to be fighting Storm, sentinel, magneto. St and Mag will be in the air and sent will have super amour. Anyway to use this strategy try to be close to a corner because the grab will come out faster - good recovery so throw it around a bit anyway.

So there isa start - but I think we might be able to do a litle better... so what do I suggest?
Well first the basic logic

Firstly, on point, bottom line is you wont kill anyone using Servbot's combos. Servbot has two ways to hurt you

1) use his alpha combo (unblocked)/gamma combo (blocked)
2) use another character (in which case why pick him?)
3) use the assist

In regard to 1 you are either someone with fantastic ability to pull off combos or you will probably prefer the gamma version. the reason for this is that the alpha version is easy to see coming and only chains off other moves if you hit the opponent with the start up which is tiny just like servbot or if they are already caught in an assist (must be a pretty great assist) or a servbot grab. If you can catch them regularly with the servbot grab - well they are dead meat anyway and an assist jump over and variable lunch rush will also deal with that.
in relation to 2
if you are going to use the other charachters a lot and will need servbot's assist (eg if you expect one of them to die first) then you might want alpha servbot - his assist is a better way to pester opponents than the gamma - problem is that both will get kiled by hyper viper beams and ice storms etc and do minimal damage. Good news is both can set upcombos if by chance you connect.
In regard to 3 There are about 6 key characters that make good assists so I'll focus on them they are Cable (and to a lesser extent other beamers), Storm, sentinel, Spiral, blackheart, doom. So I'll mention what to do with these. Look to my assists section for details.

4) Assists

Servbot does almost no damage except via supers and assists. so how to fix this? well to solve the first problem you need an assist character that has anti air (a common requirement). blackheart, Sentinel and Cable (and to a lesser extent doom). In that order - blackhearts anti air is very effective. to solve the second problem you need can punish at a distance and not expect a hell of a lot of help to do so - so basically we need some chipping damage. this is sentinel and doom. to solve the third problem we need an assist that holds the opponent in place blocking or not - for this we can have someone like Spiral ground assist, blackheart and doom. as for the 4th problem we need someone who can chain their super onto a unblocked Servbot super (Sentinel Cable), someone who can charge meter very fast (Spiral) and someone who can do some serious damage to anyone caught in a Servbot grab (sentinel Spiral) However remember we are looking for an assist character. As Dasrik notes against a good player using Cable (as too many people do) blackheart is very vulnerable and you end up to scared to use him. worse yet Servbot is small so he can't protect blackheart anyway. So while blackheart has a excellent assist its not great against a good player.

There isn’t much of a problem with Cable except – he is a meter hog. If you use him you will be sorely tempted to use all the meter. And this is supposed to be a Servbot team!

Doom vs sentinal
Doom would also do as a third party. dooms DH combo does less damage 30 vs 33 but is easier to connect at a distance (although how you connected servbot's at a distance isa mystery!)its assist does less damage (10/14 vs 18) Dooms drives them up while sentinals pushes down (except at the end where the rockets fly up) sentinals thus can be followed by servbot grab or a Y lunchrush while dooms probably can't.
sentinal appears a bit faster to the other side he also takes damage beter and matches with storm and spiral. Dooms covers low projectiles but the big danger is other things and there sentinals body provides cover.

My strategy 'on point'

1) Servbot doesn’t take damage well - you need to block EVERY planned attack. if you fall asleep at the controls you will be killed in about two not very hard attacks. not only that but you cant spend to much time blocking if you want to live since your opponents could chip away at you and your short arms will limit your ability to fight your way out and your low power limits your ability to exchange punches. That presumably makes him keep away type, However,

2) against an average player you will struggle if they keep their distance- because Servbot has basically no decent distance attacks. So have some assists that can hurt them over there, remember he has a fast dash (but be careful) and super jump to stay out of the way.

3) worse yet Servbots grab and super the two attacks that are any good both come from the screen behind you. When you are against an amature you will find they duck and block as you combo, so you can do a ground combo bull-rush cancel into a super, if that is the case you will chip them to death as you build yet more super meter. a skillful opponent on the other side of the screen however has time to super jump (or just hop in the case of the grab) and get over it.

Since servbot will have a hard time with jump in attacks (he cant afford to be hit by a AA and doesnt have that grat priority) strangely our keep away character needs good opponents to come and get him!

so key moves are
1) call assists and super jump (the evasion game)
2) [at a distance] Sentinel assist [hits], Servbot grab, Sentinel
assist - jump to other side combo
3) [close to edge and opponent misses a hit] Servbot grab,
assist, Servbot grab, combo
4) [opponent rolls behind you] variable lunch rush
5) [opponent is falling out of the sky into your target zone] variable
lunch rush
6) variable lunch-rush [hits] Cable/Storm/ Sentinel/doom/
blackheart/Spiral triple canceled super. key things here is make sure
your next super hits (Cable/Storm will almost always hit Sentinel doom
require the right distance but they pull them back a little for the
Spiral blackheart combo. if its Spiral that you finish with you can
start building meter straight away.
7) Jump in jab, ji strong, stand jab (or short), stand fierce,
8) Dash short or jab, launch, helicopter
9) Sentinel
10) C. fierce, Jab Kobun Fire, XX immediately into Lunch Rush (be careful-they can roll before the Fire)
Doing a launcher cancelled into Helicopter Drop 1 will get you almost as much damage as doing an air combo so do that - remember you cant afford to slip up

Summary with spiral/servbot/sentinal

I suggest spiral first use swords and teleport to charge meter using sentinals assist with hte teleports of course to confuse them. then when meter is high switch in servbot. Jump around and stay close to your side of the screen if you can (makes your moves faster because your helpers are closer). Use your assists to chip at them. From time to time jump in with an assist and do combos that cancel into variable lunch-rush or dash in with an assist and combo. do this when you have full super since there is a risk they could jump out of it with little damage.

Then when you see a chance (for example if they fall into the zone and are out of super jumps or if you have them tied down somehow or just if you need cover then - variable lunchrush. See if it connects and if it does and they are in range (and you dont have to much health to heal on your assists) then cancel to the sentinal (or doom) and re-cancel into spiral to recharge again. If not block damage is probably better than normal damage.
when servbot is weak swap out if he needs to heal - the lunchrush makes for a safeish swap. If sentinal is on point your servbots probably hurt bad so dont use his assist much just use spirals-a it does lots of chip damage. you can use spirals a to assist servbot a bit.


So Mighty of course uses Magnito Servbot Psylock
Impulse uses spiral servbot Doom
Sir Orion uses servbot blackheart doom
I use spiral/storm servbot sentinal

in order my teams would be

Spiral Servbot Sentinel
Storm Servbot Sentinel
Spiral Servbot Doom
Spiral Servbot blackheart
Sentinel Servbot Cable
Doom servbot sentinal
Megaman Servbot Sentinel
Spiral Servbot Cable
Megaman Servbot blackheart
Spiral Servbot Storm
Megaman Servbot Cable
Chun-li Servbot Sentinel
Spiral Servbot Morrigan
iceman Servbot Sentinel
Spiral Servbot doom
doom servbot blackheart

basic principles are

meter charging (Spiral, Megaman) need this guy in position 1
using supers (Servbot, Cable) this guy can be position 2
keep away (Storm, sprial, Megaman, Chun-li) good on point
anti air (blackheart, Morrigan, Cable, chun li) must be 2 or 3
chiping asist (Sentinel, blackheart, doom, juggernaught, iceman) position 2 or 3
chipping (Servbot, iceman) position 2 or 3
assists that help combos (Spiral, doom, Sentinel, blackheart) position 2 or 3
DHC (Servbot, Chun-li, Storm, Cable, Megaman, Sentinel, blackheart,

you want
1) meter charger/keep away
2) combo user(ie servbot)
3) chiping assist/DHC/anti air


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