Saturday, December 15, 2007

Monarchists vs republicans

No Rightturn and david farrar apparently had a bad case of "being a dick" this week

In truth, monarchists are little different from those weird groups of people who form themselves into make-believe nations

A quick glance at your average monarchist site (and believe me, they’re all pretty average) and you quickly come realise they’re the kind of people who love to indulge in the full theatre of The Monarchy and all its ermine-decked foppery.

1) 'monarchists' in the loose sense outnumber republicans (again in the loose sense), otherwise we would be a republic already so if somewhat more than 50% of the population are a "weird little group" then what the hell are the rather less than 50%?

2) yes they tend to be older and thus have less dynamic websites. They probably have prettier gardens than the republicans - "woohoo".

3) Way to play the ball(s) and not the men.
But since they started it... I have always had the impression that anyone who would be a republican would have a bit of a problem. I can see the potential for a debate over how the system should work but to spend your whole life commited to fixing a structure that isn't broken sounds like they had a bad experiene with a monarchist when a child and this is some weird sort of revenge. Maybe they got spanked.


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