Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NRT mistakes police for entire Justice system then asks for it to resign

NRT apparently thinks that the police should resign if they apply for charges to be laid and the next stage in the process decides not to proceed with the charges.

I hardly think it needs to be said but that is ridiculous. Police are not Solicitor-generals or Attorney Generals. Apparently NRT has mistaken the police for our entire legal system - something he of all people should know is ridiculous.

First this group did obviously have a prima face case against them (training camps etc). There is of course a policy aspect to laying terrorism charges as well as the social stigma aspect he seems to allude to - but that is not the polices job to worry about - the system already has that covered by putting the Solicitor-generals/ Attorney General in the middle.

DPF then makes the mistake of
1) implying that terrorism charges are 'normal charges' (yes charges may normally proceed but not normally proceed on terrorism charges)
2) assuming that the number of police is somehow proportional to the probability of guilt of the people.

Using lots of police with big guns etc is all about security for the police not about evilness of hte peopel being arested. bottom line is that it is just not smart to go in to arrest people in that area if your one police officer by yourself least of all if you are trying to arrest people who you know have been training in a camp and have more than the usual arsenal of weapons.


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