Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sexual abuse in NZ

Janet Fanslow did a study on voilence and using this definition
Sexual violence was defined as having experienced one or more of the following acts: being physically forced to have sexual intercourse when the woman did not want to; having sexual intercourse because she was afraid of what her partner might do, or being forced to do something sexual that she found degrading or humiliating. The SRQ is a validated instrument used to screen for emotional distress.
came up with this result
Sexual violence by non-partners was reported by 9% and 12% of women in Auckland and Waikato respectively (in lifetime)
not sure where the rest came from but aparently that has become
about one in four women are victims of child sexual abuse before the age of 15.
or in more detail
The study suggests that 23% of women in urban areas and 28% in rural areas have experienced some form of sexual abuse before the age of 15.
oither reseach noted
Her research noted that about a fifth of Kiwi boys and a quarter of our girls will suffer regular physical punishment from one or both of their parents before they reach the age of 15. possibly the same quarter? What is strange there however is that less boys get physically punished than girls? that really makes no sense to anyone who has actualy met a young boy or a young girl.
this doesnt seem to make mcuh sense either
14% in Auckland and 22% in north Waikato reported that they had experienced sexual violence by an intimate partner at some time in their life. 9% of women in Auckland and 12% in northWaikato had experienced sexual violence by a non-partner since the age of 15 years. Strangers were most commonly identified as perpetrators.
32% of physically and/or sexually abused women in Auckland and 29% in North Waikato had turned to formal services (health, police, religious, or local leaders, etc.)

Actually maybe I Will try an paint this in a light that might make it seem more plausible.
Thinking about it over a life time it is quite credible that lets say 1 in 3 men would take some assault like action against their partner (I'm thinking the marginal events are on the milder end of the scale - pushing, maybe some sort of slap).
And possibly an even grater proportion would request / force their wife to do something she did not want to do and found a bit humiliating sexually - I am envisaging of oral sex in particular - maybe some period of pestering, if it is the beginning of a relationship the marginal version might have an implied threat of leaving her or kicking her out of his house.
However it is hard to get past the 1/4 of under 15 year old girls - maybe that would include a degree of under 15 kids abusing other under 15 kids - sure the average is about 30 but throw some 50 yr old uncles in there and that pulls the average up pretty quick. But Janet probably isn't that insidious - so probably it was largely 30 something guys in which case maybe her suggestion that guys get away with it many times is the answer - it could be a small set of guys abusing their entire extended family. Otherwise I have to think that when I went to school maybe half the guys in the class were rapists and a half of them were child molesterers - most of which willing to do it to their own family.
Hard to believe.


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