Friday, October 19, 2007

Argentina wins

Argentina again confirms it was no fluke beating the sub par French. Clearly the south africa england tonga samoa pool was by far the toughest containing 4 of the best teams.

based on form this tournument I rank the teams as below

South Africa 1
England 2
Argentina 3
Australia 4
France 5
New Zealand 6
Tonga 7
Fiji 8
Ireland 9
Scotland 10
Wales 11
Samoa 12
Italy 13
Japan 14
USA 15
Canada 16
Georgia 17
Romania 18
Namibia 19
Portugal 20

Aust beats france because they lost by less to england, and lost less ganes in the tournument
NZ scrapes in ahead of Tonga - although its a tough call since NZ had such poor opposition and tonga had such good opposition. and scotland and italy drop down since they lost to everyone half decent they played.

That makes South Africa's pool the pool of death with 1 2 7 12 and 15
Argentinas the next pool of death with 3 5 9 17 and 19
Australias next with 4 8 11 14 16
and NZ's the easy pool with just 6 10 13 18 20

if you sum them Sth africas pool's total is about half of NZ's total.

Then the ideal fair pools would have been

South Africa Fiji Ireland Canada Georgia
England Tonga Scotland USA Romania
Argentina New Zealand Wales Japan Namibia
Australia France Samoa Italy Portugal


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