Saturday, December 29, 2007

predictions for 2008

The Dominion Post gallery team have also made some predictions for 2008
the ones I would change are

1. Not particularly litigious election year - a bit of a fizzle like the anti smacking bill. It will be talked about a lot more of course - just not so much in the way of action. Someone will get charged for doing something that the public doesn't like and thus actually reinvigorate support for the law.
4. Labour will announce tax cuts bigger than most expect also heavily weighted towards helping those on lower incomes
11. Winston Peters, will fail to win back his old Tauranga seat and doesn't make 5%.
12. Peters will be out of parliament - so won't be able to be foreign minister.
18. Labour will do a "hollow man" trust based campaign. They will get them back into contention during the campaign period.
19. The Green Party and the Maori Party will get increasingly cozy as they see the benefits of pooling their votes for more negotiating muscle. BUT I don’t think this will be nearly as public as the Dom post seems to think.
20. I predict National will not get 50% (so result will be up in the air after election night)


Blogger Andy Moore said...

Hmmm, interesting, I agree with your points 4 and 18. And you could be right on Winston First not making it into Parliament.

My predictions...

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