Monday, January 21, 2008

Elections in the US

I hope my predicitons are wrong
Romney appears to be 'full of sh*t' as they say, with all his promises to protect every job - it's a common con one that slate and I agree is one that works. McCain on the other hand is pretty honest (as far as you can be as a politician). It is much less an insult to my intelligence to see him talk.

On the democratic side Obama is full of it when he talks of how he will make America heaven on earth and the souls of the free will float like angels (or somethings equivalent), but I am happy to see him win because he is a good symbol. A first female president is a bit of a non event for the rest of the world - there have been felame residents of places like Pakistan for a long time. But a black president is somthing the world will see as more of a symbol - a sort of clean break with history that will return America's 'soft power'.

But America is America and the voters will probably go for the establishment.


Blogger Jim Ryan said...

Indeed we are full of shite and I'm embarrassed to see others contemplating it.

I'm writing in John Adams when I get to the ballot box. It's a vote for a new party. We need one that hasn't been corrupted yet.

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