Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire

New hampshire results are in

1) Again the commentators have let us down via their poor analysis of new Hampshire - admittedly based on polls - but my point from Iowa stands - Obama will find it harder to turn out his supporters - sure he can do it in Iowa where it is just a caucus - but nationally? maybe not.

2) It looks like McCain got the independents in preference to Obama. that means McCain may beat Obama in a head to head. I am almost ready to call that one - although it depends a little on primary campaign strategy and also I'm still not picking McCain to win the nomination anyway.

3) Huckabee is the fast track to annihilation for the republicans - but he may well make it - I thought it was a bit late for him and that he would shoot himself in the foot in the debates - but no, he might just do it...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. McCain won largely due to independents going republican, whereas Romney did better with Party support. Mcain should be worried as the moods of independedents will vary which could corrode the momentum in McCains campaign. It has been a farily dissapointing coverage of and incompetent picture of the campaign as displayed by the media.


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