Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Election predicitons.

Romney wins in Michigan and for some dumb reason the betting odds change again
McCain, John 5/4 5/4 1.92/1
Giuliani, Rudolph 10/3 5/2 3.7/1
Romney, Mitt 5 3 3.9/1
Huckabee, Mike 4 5 5.2/1
Thompson, Fred 33 33 35
Paul, Ron 33 25 39
Rice, Condoleezza 439

1) your wasting your money betting on Ron Paul and Condy rice
2) your still wasting your money on Fred Thompson
3) I think those people with money on Gulianni are in a bad position

so Im still picking Romney/Huckabee over McCain.
and of Romney and Huckabee I'm still with Romney.

can I protect my 100% record for picking election results (and primaries) over that last decade or so? this time I am up against the odds even worse than my picks of Howard against Latham Clark over Brash, kerry over Dean and Bush over Kerry... but let's see how it goes.....


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