Saturday, January 05, 2008

Implicit bias test from harvard

this is an interesting test
it tests your implicit attitudes towards presidential candidates.
I think the methodology is slightly flawed in one regard.
there is a memory component to this you need to remember the candidates name - that means that if you are from a western country you might struggle to remember barak obama quite as quickly as you might remember John Edwards. Secondly you might remember Clinton just because she is more famous (and not that you actually like her more).
Now I expect they control for the obvious issue of selecting good or bad ideas associated with those guys but the problem here is where you get frustrated at the slight delay to your answering speed.

I came to expect that my answers for barak would be slower and so I had a slightly more frustrated mindset when answering his questions - then again who knows - maybe it would translate into not voting for him?

Anyway for the record John Edwards came top and obama came last - I expected that would be the result - unless hillary pipped john.


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