Friday, January 25, 2008

Hillary vs Obama on policy

No one else seems to compare them on policy - so I will. there are two perspectives I will measure them against
1) my own
2) what the average NZder would think of the result

1. Health care -
Obama's approach seems further left and I expect most NZders would think it to be superior. it is all about having more comprehensive health care cover for Americans of course.

2. environment - identical - almost as if they got the same guy to write it. Smart in the same areas and astoundingly stupid in the same areas.

3. Foreign affairs - not possible to determine a clear difference. Hilary is more about what she will do and Obama is more about what will happen. The former is a more honest way (or a less foolish one) to talk about things. So I give this to Clinton - however as far as the average NZder is concerned they are the same.

4. Economic policy
Clinton tends to favor complex incentive programs. Obama, in contrast, prefers broader, simpler programs. Obama's strategy is empirically more effective - more pragmatic so he wins here.

5. Education
Obama's policy seems more about working with teachers rather than imposing policy on them. Honestly I think that is flawed - I guess he got a teacher to write his policy.
Hillary's solutions look to be more robust - more pragmatic so i would expect it to have better results.

6. Immigration - looks like Clinton is more pro than Obama - so an average NZder would probably be for Clinton here. I am fairly neutral.

7. Their policies on Israel (specifically the funding of Israel) and avoiding a recession/tax cuts represent a dubious consensus in US politics.

8) a host of other areas such as lobby groups Obama wins because he has a policy while Clinton seems to not have articulated one. Obama seems rather like the green party in NZ - he has got advice on almost every issue and put it together as policy - while Clinton as a more seasoned campaigner is hiding the policy she doesn't want people to know about - a little more like National in NZ.

I am not entirely convinced he can enact them or combine them effectively but overall I think Obama's policy set is better.

I would vote for him over Clinton, and I think others should also do that.
That doesn't change my prediction that he will loose though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love to know who this 'average NZer' you seem so confident you can predict the views of is. Does such a person even exist?

2:23 PM  
Blogger Genius said...

an average is just a mathematical composite - it 'exists' the dispute would be over whether it is useful.

You can make up your mind on that one

12:49 PM  

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