Friday, May 23, 2008

Opinion on the RC vs RB Zombie debate

Interesting, regarding the origins of the zombie debate on Richard Brown's blog - I originally thought Richard C was probably right and that Richard B's anti-zombie argument would be rejected (although the arrogance of Ricard C's rejection was already bothering me).

“Does anyone think that this is a good argument?”

and so some way into the debate
I stated
I think this is a interesting line of debate - so its a pity the two of you can’t engage minds on it. I have opinions on the wider debate but reading this I swung from one side to the other (and back) on who’s position was more ‘on the mark’.

One of my reasons for concern regarding Richard B's position was

the materialists is (generally? always?) making a statement about physicalism being necessary (across worlds) then he is making a stronger claim than a dualist who (I presume) claim that ‘dualism’ is not “necessary” for each world (e.g. zombie world).

but after all of the debating

I honestly am curious if anyone else besides Richard C could actually read all exchanges between the two of you and leave with the impression that Richard C seems to have of what happened.

I suppose that is a credit to Richard Brown.


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