Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Comments on Stryde Hax

Stryde Hax's blog regarding the underage gymnasts. I think it probably says something when one side is entirely made up with people with clearly flawed arguments.

first "lex" argues that Yang Yun must have been 1 when she started gymnastics if she was 14 at the olympics and was a gymnast for 13 years when she retired. the obvious mistake here was she did not retire during the olympics - she was around for another 3 years or so making her 4-5 when she started - which is normal for a top level gymnast in China. If she had been 6-7 that would have been a late start.

then "denglinlinfan" rants about how the girls should not be punished and accuses stryde of being a jellious american etc. really that is flooded with so much nonsene about other commenters to be hard to make sense of. His main point seems to be that he sees the issue through the eyes of the girls and thinks that even if htey were too young then we shouldn't talk about it because that might make them loose their medals and then they might be sad.

I don't know what to say to that.... says they competed and had no advantage over other gymnasts. Well in case he didnt know they had a huge advantage over the other 14 and 15 year old girls who had to stay home. And often gymnasts are at there best at 14-15 (take for example the most famous gymnast, Nadia Komenich who competed before the age restriction).

bobby fletcher highlights that yang yun 'mispoke" when she said she was 14. thanks bobby for using the same phrase as Hillary Clinton used when she wanted to excuse herself for lying.

Ironically the article goes on to quote one of the girls saying "If the FIG wants to investigate this matter," she added, "I will provide every form of documentation." interesting that she feels so confident she can provide that.

Ashamed on the otherhand seems to want to encourage a moral 'race to the bottom' by sayng that if the US cheats then China should cheat too... how about you maybe try enforcing the rules? regardless america giving pasports for competing in the olympics refers to for example how the US gave a passport to a australian athlete who had lived in the US for a decade so he could compete for hte country where he actually lived with his family as opposed to the one he was born in - oh the humanity! More seriously drugs are an issue - and if he has any evidence like the documents stryde cane up with them I hope he will show them.


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