Friday, October 17, 2008

Election predicitons

here is some of my old predicitons
well i predicted hillary in 2004 to win 2008 but had to change that to Obama as he started to pull ahead. I also thought Romney would win the republican (although even further out I picked McCain but for a while he went into hte wilderness) one but as with the Hillary prediciton I did make that prediction very far out. Maybe party nominations are a little to hard to predict 3-4 years out but at least both my picks made it to the 'final two serious contenders' from a much larger feild.
Anyway elections are where I havent made any errors - so I'm still backing a Democrat win in the USA,
For NZ Im sticking with a
Labour coalition win despite all the silly things labour has done maori party will go with labourand so labour/maori/green/nzfirst will be a hard total to beatby act/UF/national.


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