Sunday, September 18, 2005

Greens and a note on Party strategy

Interesting comment by Psycho Milt

I think it's a pretty depressing result. Is there really only 5% of the NZ population to the left of Labour? I'm no big fan of the Greens, but I voted for them as the only party left of Labour likely to get into Parliament (sorry Span), and I figured there'd be plenty more where I came from. Wrong! The Greens' own support base plus people like me comes to 5%. I have a hangover and I didn't even drink.

In addition are all those people who voted green to prop up their vote to ensure labour had a coalition partner. 5.07% eh...

If only people who actually suported green had voted for the greens they would probably be sitting on 2%. Having said that - ACT would also have recieved a total hiding in Epsom (even the greens beat ACT in party votes).

I am still waiting for the smart party to do 100% vote splitting -
It would work this way
1) You run all the normal candidates in all the seats but not advertise or tell anyone the name of their party until after the election and have some extreme people on their list (to minimize the chances of anyone voting for the party).

2) At the same time declare a coalition with "the national party" (or "the labour party" depending on the side you are on) which runs representatives in all the electorates that are not on the lists and are as odious as possible or as far right as possible (or possibly just use the libiterianz list). However does lots of campainging for its List MP's (and has one safe seat for its leader I guess jsut as insurance)

Result? A landslide victory to your coalition!


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