Saturday, September 17, 2005


NZpundit calls it for labout
Right: 41.2%
Centre: 8.5%
Left: 49.1%

Only a fluke in the specials and a change in the wind will let Brash win. but I can't see it happening, the middle hasn't been shifted.

National need 50% of the specials to draw level with Labour, who need to score no more than 30%. It seems pretty unlikely to me.

david Farrar counts his new minions for the vast right wing conspiracy.

No Right Turn calls it a dead heat and then notes that a dead heat is realy a win for Labour.

Sir Humphrey (AL) celebrates Don's speach of er "victory" - wait "defeat".. um I mean.... "draw". He also looks at posible governments - scenarios range from a draw to an outright defeat for the right.

Sage is the optimistic man of the right he offers potential winning negotiation strategies and notes that the maori party may "effectively" waste votes for the left that they pick up from special votes (somthing I was hinting at before).

this is because there are currently more seats in parlimnt than there should be because the maori party got almost no party votes but 4 seats. Normally yo uwould adjsut up the amount of seats to reach the total they deserve from the party vote but you CANT adjust down (that would remove representation of an electorate) this means they are "over represented" and maori who voted for them have double representation.

Insolent prick is insolent about blogging during elections.


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