Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hurricanes and global warming

Was Katrina due to global warming? Well partly
it is not unreasonable to suggest it is in part behind the strength of the hurricanes striking the southern states of the USA.

Why? Well pretty simply the water heats up and that adds a little more energy to the system (warmer seas) and thus stronger hurricanes. Interestingly according to models - there will however not be MORE hurricanes as suggested in some media circles. They will just be a bit stronger.

However that doesn't mean that anyone in particular will definitely receive more hurricanes note the graph on the following page it indicates the USA has not had many hurricanes lately although the 200-2005 period may be a comparative spike.

But as much effect as global warming might have it is still just bringing forward in time this sort of event – in as far as if you build a city below sea level in a hurricane zone and don’t build a very impressive barrier – you will inevitably eventually be flooded and some people will die.

So note to future planners - "DON’T BUILD CITIES BELOW SEA LEVEL" or with a future orientation – raising serious issues over whether we should discourage the rebuilding of such cities, or if a formidable barrier so that the biggest storm ever wont stand a dogs show of busting it should be built at the expense of the silly people who insist on living below sea level.


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